About Us

Weed Central Delivery

We are an online delivery hub for dispensaries and customers. Bringing the two together to facilitate a more efficient system.

Customers can shop with ease, and dispensaries can get noticed and gain exposure to customers who may not have known about them. We take care of all the details from billing to delivery, so customers have a one stop shop, and dispensaries can deal with filling orders without the hassle of getting the product to the customer. It is a win win all around, and the new way of doing business in the fast paced digital age of the 21st Century... along with a new ever growing crypto (internet) market economy.

We hope to make the Cannabis industry a better experience for everyone.

Please note that we are in TESTING PHASE and still working out the bugs for the software !

Things will not always remain the same, and or may move or get replaced, it is a work in progress... thanks for you patience !

Please use the contact page to report bugs or issues, or whatever you wish to discuss.

Weed Central Team