Payment methods...

We have three payment methods, cash (COD), e-transfer (email interac), or crypto (Bitcoin).

For COD... the driver will pick-up the total amount on delivery, plus tips if you feel inclined.

(You may also include a tip for the driver in the checkout cart as you are making the order, so tip will be included in the invoice total.)

Try to have exact total ready in cash, as the driver may not have change to give for invoice totals.

Paying by e-transfer...  upon ordering you will need to enter your interac email in the 'Instructions box' at checkout.

We will send a money request to that email with your invoice number, and we will monitor that request to completion.

Paying by crypto (Bitcoin)... is easy and quick, as payment can be done from your smartphone with no need to contact us.

Payment in Bitcoin is done automatically and securely... if you need a Bitcoin wallet or account, we can provide one for you.

It is easy and takes only a few minutes to setup your bitcoin account... and all from your smartphone, and very secure.

You can use your bitcoin wallet to shop anywhere that accepts Bitcoin payments... ask us to set you up today !

Weed Central Team