Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have apps for customers and vendors...?

Yes, download the apps from here...

(for android phones only)

Customer app download...

Vendor app download...

Note... you must un-install older version first (if you have one) to install newer version.

Be aware that these are still being tested and in beta stage, and may not work as expected !

So they will change to newer improved versions as we test them and work out the bugs..

We will provide a notice, and a link, to new versions of the apps as they become available.

Apps for apple iphones are coming soon !


Do you have apps for drivers..?

The apps for drivers are not yet completed... but coming soon !


Can drivers sign up for deliveries..?

Yes, but we are not yet ready with the site software to accept drivers.

You may use the contact page to inform us of your interest, and we will get back to you, and put you on the list of drivers.